What’s the deal, yo!

📜 Rules?

  • This site is a safe-space for guys 18+ who enjoy the company of other guys 18+. There are lots of communities for all types of people, this one is for us.
  • Please use a SL headshot of your avatar for your main photo (No morphs, no real-life photos in your main profile photo.) but feel free to post RL or SL pics, or even nudes in the bonus photos section. Adult content IS ALLOWED in the bonus photos section. You MUST have a main profile photo within 24 hours of creating your account or your account will be deleted.
  • The rules are simple, be nice, and don’t be not nice. If there is someone signed up here who you don’t like, block them and move on with your day.
  • Whatever information you enter on this site is public knowledge. So don’t post anything here that you don’t want people to know.
  • This site is for your personal use only, absolutely no business use allowed.

📖 Help!?

There isn’t much to the site and it should be pretty self explanatory. But, don’t hesitate to hit me or Lee McKay up here, or in SL, if you need some assistance.

Adham DeCuir

🐛 BUGS!?!?

I would love to know if something is bugged or maybe you just have a suggestion. Remember that the site is still very new and some bugs are features at this point 😛 — Hit me up.

Adham DeCuir